VIN Compliance Plates for Trailers.

VIN plates are required on all Australian trailers up to 4.5 tonnes. VIN plates are made from the highest quality anodised aluminium or laser engraved #316 stainless steel.

For further information on the requirements for the building and certification of trailers to Australian Standards refer to the Department of Infrastructure – Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 rev 6

  • Plates can be pre printed with your information, sequential VIN number and logo or left blank for stamping or engraving of information
  • Contain all information required to meet National Standards and Australian Design Rules
  • Will resist abrasion, chipping and most industrial solvents and chemicals
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Blank VIN Plates are available. Click here for further details.
VIN Plate samples

1 - Design your plate

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VIN Plate


Background Colour

Holes / Adhesive

Plates must be attached to trailer using rivets or screws and not rely only on adhesive.

Price ex GST (each)
Quantity Aluminium Stainless Steel
1-4 $55.00 $120.00
5-11 $35.25 $80.00
12-23 $18.15 $30.00
24-47 $9.35 $20.00
48-91 $6.85 $15.00
92-183 $5.50 $10.00
184-599 $4.40 $9.00
600+ $3.30 $6.44
adhesive or holes +20c each

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