Custom ABP and HIN Compliance Plates for Boats.

Create a professional appearance, save time and reduce mistakes with a custom designed plate.

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Manufactured from anodised aluminium or #316 stainless steel our plates resist salt water, outdoor exposure, abrasion, chipping and most industrial solvents and chemicals.

ABP Plates

Required on all recreational boats, with some limited exceptions, to provide safety information for the boat user or purchaser.

A new national standard for the ABP (edition 5) came into effect in June 2021. Plates purchased from OnlineCompliancePlates have been updated to the latest standard. For full details visit the Australian Recreational Boating Safety Committee Website

The plate carries information regarding number of passengers and load limits, engine capacity if powered by an outboard motor, a buoyancy statement and the name of the standard used to determine the information on the plate. Boats over 6 metres do not require a buoyancy statement

Information contained on an Australian Builders Plate must be calculated by the builder, importer or an competent person. A Naval Architect or Marine Surveyor can assist you in calculating the information suitable for your boat.

Plates can be sequentially numbered for volume manufactuers or for bespoke importers and manufactuers our ABP Plates Ondemand Service is ideally suited to creating custom plates for each boat.

HIN Plates

Required as an international identification system on registerable boats.

The HIN is a 15 character unique number fixed in 2 locations to the boat, one on the transom and one in a hidden location known by the manufacturer / importer.

Plates Required


Design your custom plates

Boat Length



Specified Standard Used

Price ex GST (each)
Aluminium Stainless Steel
1-4 $65.00 $23.80 $146.25 $46.80
5-13 $35.00 $17.80 $78.98 $41.10
14-27 $13.90 $11.30 $31.20 $22.40
28-55 $10.40 $9.80 $23.40 $19.50
56-111 $9.25 $8.80 $20.87 $17.50
112-223 $8.50 $8.30 $19.11 $16.60
holes +20c each

Person determining plate information

HIN or Build Date

Engine Power Unit


Buoyancy Statement

Warning statement 2 - Operating capacity

Other Details (Optional)
e.g. build date or comapny address

Logo (Optional)

Background Colour

Adhesive / Holes